Customize a GLA on Instagram

Year: 2014
Client: Mercedes-Benz

Customize your own Mercedes and get a quote - on Instagram. Taking advantage of the recently added "tagging" functionality on Instagram, we invited a new generation of consumers to build their new GLA.

Winner at multiple award shows including The Webbys, One Show, D&AD and the Art Directors Club.

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Spotify Year In Music

Year: 2014
Client: Spotify
Project: Website

Since popular music began, every year the critics and music establishment have told us about the year in music. Who was the best? Who sold the most? But in 2014, Spotify unearthed the data in music – and 50 million music lovers around the world rewrote the story.

Winner of multiple awards, including a One Show Gold Pencil.

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Take The Wheel

Year: 2013
Client: Mercedes-Benz

To launch the all-new CLA to an entirely new audience, we challenged 5 of Instagram’s best photographers to spend 5 days each behind the wheel. Whoever got the most likes, kept the CLA.

Forbes Magazine said it represented “an evolution in earned media” and the campaign received multiple awards, including an Effie.

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Anarchy: The Graphic Novel

Year: 2012
Client: Unilever
Project: Campaign

The first comic written by - and starring - its readers. Serialized over four months, Anarchy: The Graphic Novel was shaped by the suggestions and votes of fans. Along the way, over 50 consumers were illustrated into the action.

Winner of a One Show Gold Pencil and featured on the cover of Contagious Magazine.

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Spotify Time for Turkey

Year: 2014
Client: Spotify

For Thanksgiving consumers entered the weight of their bird, whether it was stuffed or unstuffed, and then picked a genre. We served up a fresh playlist of tunes, with a “DING!” at the end to let them know their Turkey was ready.

Featured on the Today Show and across lots of other PR channels.

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5 Days of Equality

Year: 2014
Client: GLAAD

December 7th, 2013 was the first day in history that same-sex couples could marry in Australia. But only 5 days later the government overturned the ruling and 31 marriages were made invalid. 1 year later the world showed they recognized their marriages, by wishing them happy anniversary.

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GLA Packed

Year: 2014
Client: Mercedes-Benz

It’s not every day you market a car, without showing the car. To build excitement for the GLA, we created custom luxury mats that represented the vehicle’s cargo footprint. Then we sent the mats to celebrities and influencers, who treated them as a blank canvas.

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Taste Rewind

Year: 2015
Client: Spotify

What would you be jamming to if you lived in another era? With Taste Rewind we read user’s data and then gave them a fun tour through the past five decades, pairing great tunes from yesterday to the jams they love today.

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The Yo! powered test ride

Year: 2014
Client: smart car

The smart car may have brains, but it doesn’t have big budgets. The brand relies on nimbleness. A great example came in August 2014, when we disrupted a national test-drive tour for the all-new electric vehicle, to stage an unexpected stunt that achieved national attention.

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Spotify Sweet Spot

Year: 2015
Client: Spotify

Just because you’re into each other doesn’t mean you’re into the same music. So for Valentine’s, we created what Fast Company described as “what a Pandora station gone off the rails would look like”. 

Recognized by the FWA as Site of the Day.

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Who Wore It Better?

Year: 2013
Client: smart car

The smart car’s custom wraps make the vehicle endlessly customizable, something we wanted to draw attention to in social channels. So we challenged Twitter to a game of “Who Wore It Better?”

“Pretty cool (even if it’s a marketing campaign)” said Time.

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The Lynx Stream

Year: 2011
Client: Unilever
Project: Mobile Application
Have you ever noticed that your most unforgettable nights are the hardest to remember? The Lynx Stream is a mobile app that helps you record and relive every moment. Vew Case Study

Party Across the Internet

Year: 2009
Client: Lynx (Axe)
Project: Campaign
An interactive video experience that tells the story of a wild weekend out. Users were taken on a mind-bending journey across five major web portals. Vew Case Study

World Vision Cambodia

Year: 2008
Project: Print Campaign

Every year, thousand of young Cambodians fall victim to child sex tourism. A print and direct response campaign was developed to combat this.

Vew Project

Lynx Primal Instinct

Year: 2009
Client: Lynx
Project: Campaign/Massive Multiplayer Game
To launch new body spray Lynx Instinct, we created the most successful advertising games in the brand's history. View Case Study


Year: 2009
Client: Sleevage
Project: Blog
Sleevage is the world’s best album cover blog, showcasing interesting sleeves from the past and present. View Site

Take a Positive Spin

Year: 2010
Client: Unilever
Project: Campaign
Who says the web is only full of snark, porn and bad news?
A year before Cute Roulette, Lipton Ice Tea invited consumers to take a random trip across the web's silver lining.


Year: 2008
Client: GTZ, Cambodian Women’s Ministry
Project: TVC

This low-budget commercial challenged some deeply held social taboos about Domestic Abuse.

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Year: 2007
Project: Print

A print and outdoor campaign was developed to support the launch of new telecommunications brand Tigo into the Laos Market

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About Me

I’m Group Creative Director at Razorfish New York, where over
the last five years I’ve developed concepts, strategy, and provided creative direction for some of the world’s best brands. I live and breathe digital, but believe in the timeless importance of ideas
and craft.
Originally from Sydney, Australia, I live in Brooklyn with
my wife and two kids.


Customize a GLA on Instagram 2015 Creative Review Annual
2015 Gold Art Directors Club
2015 D&AD Wood Pencil Winner
2015 Bronze One Show Pencil
2015 Webbys Winner
2014 Featured in Leurzer’s Archive
Spotify Year in Music 2015 Creative Review Annual
2015 Gold One Show Pencil
2015 Webbys People’s Choice Winner
2015 FWA Site of the Day
2015 Awwwards Site of the Day
GLA Packed 2015 Shorty Award Finalist The Yo! Test Ride 2015 Webby Honoree
2015 Shorty Award Finalist
Time for Turkey 2015 Webby Honoree
2015 New York Festival Shortlist
Spotify Sweet Spot FWA Site of the DayTake the Wheel 2014 North American Effies: Silver
2014 Cannes Lions Branded Content: Shortlist
2014 Webbies: Nominee
2014 Smarties Awards: Two Golds, One Silver
2014 IAB MIXX Awards: One Silver, One Bronze
2014 Epica Awards: Silver
2014 Wommies: Silver
AXE Anarchy: The Graphic Novel 2012 One Show: Gold
2013 Cannes Lions Promo: Shortlist
2012 Cannes Lions Cyber: Shortlist
2012 IAB Mixx Awards: Two Golds, One Silver
2013 Webbies: Nominee
2012 Wommies: Gold
Contagious Magazine: Cover feature
The Lynx Stream 2011 Cannes Lions Cyber: Shortlist
Contagious Magazine: Most Contagious 2011


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